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Some of my in-laws kill me with their advice.  A few of them have homes that are so clean and orderly, I feel like I’m in a museum when we visit – I’m afraid to touch anything.  These are usually the ones who comment on our housekeeping skills (or the lack thereof).  Sometimes I feel like snarking back, “Oh yeah?  When was the last time you fit two adults, three high-energy children (are there any other kind?), one crackhead dog, two cats and 4 kittens into a two-bedroom house with one interior door (to the bathroom)?  So my parental wisdom for household cleanliness follows.

“All play and no work might cause you to trip over toys, but all work and no play stifles your creative juices!”

Ok, so I just made it up, but give me a break…the juices are flowing freely this morning! *lol*

Having said all that, I think it’s time to pick up the living room today…at some point.  No, it’s not on my cleaning schedule … we don’t have one of those.  But it’s kind of hard to go stretch out on the couch, when you have to clear a path to get there! 🙂


Y’all head on over to White Trash Mom blog to find more tips for the motivationally challenged housekeeper!


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