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I’m going to go ahead and type up my entry before I read anyone else’s, because my Tackle It is very small.  I tend to get overwhelmed very easily in terms of “housework”, and am worried that if I read anyone else’s first, I’d think, “why bother, I’ll never do something that good.”

So, here it is:

I cleared a countertop (specificallly the one to the right of the sink) from the junk, debris (tea bag wrappers that my dear husband can’t seem to get to the garbage bag when he makes the sweet tea.  Yeah, I know…big whoop, right?

For myself, I figure the important thing is that I actually did something today, instead of thinking “what’s the use”.  No one else really does any housework around here (although DD-age 5 is a great helper when you are doing a project, etc), and as I work outside the home to provide for my family, and I get tired of doing what seems like everything.  I know, whining won’t get things done.  *sigh*

So, maybe what I really tackled today was a little bit of myself.  And that’s pretty cool.

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