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There are two memes in which I have participated on Fridays, Aloha Friday at “An Island Life” and Only the Good Friday at “This Eclectic Life”.  Being as it is Friday, and I’m winding down for the weekend, I thought I would combine the two today!  My Aloha Friday question is in line with today’s Only the Good theme, even!

Have you ever  stepped out of your comfort zone for the good of someone else?

For myself, well…I’m having trouble thinking of an example, although it’s certainly the kind of thing I’d like to think I’d do if the situation called for it.  I’ve hunted down new-born (umbilical cord still attached) kittens who were tangled in vines at the in-laws’ farm and couldn’t be released by their feline families, and taken them to their mama’s for a drink. 🙂  I think the closest I come to going beyond myself is when I (increasingly) stand up to some of the situations at work that do nothing to support the health and/or well-being of our client population.  (I work at a residential/teaching facility for adults with mental retardation and developmental disabilities).


For my Only the Good Friday…WE GOT MOVED!  I’m so happy I could plotz!  *rofl*  We went from a two bedroom house (with 2 adults, 3 children, a dog, two adult cats and four kittens (all animals were taken in by good people) with no interior doors, sagging floors, leaky pipes and no hot water which was also 17.1 miles from work to a 3 BR apartment with interior doors, hot and cold running water, a washer-dryer and non-biological dishwasher that is only 4.8 miles from where I work.  HUZZAH!  (Party at my place, B.Y.O.B (cause this county is dry).

Thanks for visiting, feel free to leave a comment and play along on the memes!


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Trinity &  Co.

Trinity & Co.

OK.  So a photographer I am not.  This is my daughter with her two favorite little animal toys, Sneakers and Fluffy…in some order.  She’s had lots of practice coming up with  names for things as she also likes Littlest Pet Shop on Nintendo DS and 2 of her great-grandmother’s cats just had kittens and the cat that adopted us just had kittens.

The picture acutally is more balanced, but cropped funny during the upload.

She is my miracle baby.  A week after finding out she was on the way, I nearly miscarried.  She was born at 32 weeks, one week after the doctor had said, “She’s coming early…we just don’t how now early, so why don’t we give you these steroid shots to help develop her lungs.”  After she was born, she was put in “room 3” of the NICU at Harris Hospital Downtown in Fort Worth (WONDERFUL PLACE!); it’s my understanding that there are 4 rooms and the lower the number, the closer to discharge.  When she was 2 or 3 days old, I had some folks give her a blessing and she made such wonderful progress from that point on.  They had told us to expect her to be in the hospital at least until her due date.  She was able to leave at 22 days (just over 3 weeks), even though she did not weigh 4 lbs yet, because (as the staff put it) “she’s healthy and we just need the room!”

Leaving her in the hospital on the day I went home was the single hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.  And even the worst ice storm in recent Ft. Worth history on the day we took her home could not dampen the joy I felt having my whole family together once again.

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