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A couple of weeks ago I was bee-bopping through the Internet, when I came upon the Aloha Friday meme at An Island Life blog.  I left my comment, and did a post…but apparently forgot to ask a question in my post…which is only like the whole point of the meme. *lol*  So, after hiding in embarrassment for a several weeks, I am once again venturing into the blogosphere – meme style.

So, here’s my question…

Have you ever mis-read directions to a meme and made a “boo-boo”, not finding out about it until too late?  ‘Splain please. 🙂  Have a great weekend, y’all!


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Some of my in-laws kill me with their advice.  A few of them have homes that are so clean and orderly, I feel like I’m in a museum when we visit – I’m afraid to touch anything.  These are usually the ones who comment on our housekeeping skills (or the lack thereof).  Sometimes I feel like snarking back, “Oh yeah?  When was the last time you fit two adults, three high-energy children (are there any other kind?), one crackhead dog, two cats and 4 kittens into a two-bedroom house with one interior door (to the bathroom)?  So my parental wisdom for household cleanliness follows.

“All play and no work might cause you to trip over toys, but all work and no play stifles your creative juices!”

Ok, so I just made it up, but give me a break…the juices are flowing freely this morning! *lol*

Having said all that, I think it’s time to pick up the living room today…at some point.  No, it’s not on my cleaning schedule … we don’t have one of those.  But it’s kind of hard to go stretch out on the couch, when you have to clear a path to get there! 🙂


Y’all head on over to White Trash Mom blog to find more tips for the motivationally challenged housekeeper!

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I nominate the “Inter-Disciplinary Teams” where I work as Trashy Moms/Parents.  Let me ‘splain.

I work at a residential/teaching facility for adults with MR/DD (mental retardation and developmental disabilities).  Three of the seven ladies I help care for have g-tubes, where they get fed by a tube that leads to their stomachs.  They get nothing (but the occasional breath strip) by mouth.  Two of the ladies can walk by themselves and have relatively good function of their limbs and good small-motor skills, which sometimes extend to taking the lid off their tubes or occasionally pulling them out (which necessitates a trip to the hospital).

One of these two ladies will open/pull out her tube simply for the attention it gets her. To lessen the probability of either of these two events occurring, she had been outfitten with a “belly band” and a body suit, to make accessing the tube more difficult.

Well, the professionals on the IDT have decided (as they do not want to hear from the people who work most closely with the residents) that the body suits and bands are an unfair restriction of the ladies’ rights.  They have said that they are no longer to wear body suits during the day (when they do wear the belly bands) and secondly, they are not to wear the belly bands at night (but then they wear the suits)!  These are not the staffers, of course, who have to get the residents up at night, give them 2nd and 3rd showers of the day and change their beds multiple times when most 9-to-5’ers are asleep.

To me, this the same type of sh*t ‘logic’ that says, “We never use outlet covers in plugs around toddlers,” “We leave caustic cleaners out, because our kids will not try and get into them if we’ve told them ‘NO'”, and ‘Screw looking both ways when you cross the street'”!

To read about more “Trashy Mommies/Parents”, head on over to White Trash Mom’s blog!

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Spaghetti Marinara


Macaroni & Cheese


Chicken Fajitas








Chicken & Dumplings

I’m reallly looking forward to getting ideas from MPM meme members, because we usually have the same stuff over and over again.  I also work 2nd shift, so most days I’m not even home for the family supper. 😦  (But this has a silver lining…my husband does most of the cooking, and he has a lot more experience than I do! *lol*)

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FOR TODAY, Monday, 1 June, 2009

Outside my windowlittle bits of sunlight coming through the leaves of the lush trees in my backyard, casting shadows on the worn-country-store-turned-storage building next door.

I am thinkingWOOHOO!  I have the day off from work today!

I am thankful for(see what I was thinking)

From the learning rooms...is this like a homeschooling question?  I’ve been thinking about doing more cooking with the kids this summer.  And I thought about doing it at my Mamaw-in-law’s house.  She is 86 and doesn’t do much anymore, but she L-O-V-E-S her great-grandchildren, and I think would love to share stories about her childhood with them.

From the kitchen…  ooooh, let’s not go there.  I want something filling and simple, that my kids won’t turn up their noses at.

I am wearing...black jeans with a belt, cause they’re starting to slip over the hips (yippee!), a nautical themed collared tee-shirt and my hubby’s sandals.

I am creatingactive treatment plans for the mentally-retarded, developmentally disabled adult residents where I work.

I am goingto start using my pill-splitter today.  I’m supposed to take half a Cyclomel (thyroid med) per day, and cutting it with DH’s hunting knife (not that he hunts) “just ain’t cuttin’ it”…so to speak.

I am readingDonna Partow’s “Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be”
I am hopingto move in the next month or so.

I am hearingbirds chirping outside my window.

Around the houseDH snoring in the bedroom, DD huddled under the covers because she’s terrified of this moth that’s flitting around the kitchen, and the boys sprawled out asleep on the couch.

One of my favorite thingsthe relative lack of depression I’ve experienced for the last three days!  What a relief!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

  • Monday-take a walk with DS1,
  • Tuesday-take a walk with DS2,
  • Wednesday-take a walk with DD,
  • Thursday-clean the coffee pot,
  • Friday-pre-pack what I can for our MOVE!,
  • Saturday-take it easy because it’s my 5th day of work in a row (very physically demanding)

Here is picture thought I am sharing(this is the building mentioned above in what’s outside my window, although the shot is from a couple of months back)Picture 028

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