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Trinity &  Co.

Trinity & Co.

OK.  So a photographer I am not.  This is my daughter with her two favorite little animal toys, Sneakers and Fluffy…in some order.  She’s had lots of practice coming up with  names for things as she also likes Littlest Pet Shop on Nintendo DS and 2 of her great-grandmother’s cats just had kittens and the cat that adopted us just had kittens.

The picture acutally is more balanced, but cropped funny during the upload.

She is my miracle baby.  A week after finding out she was on the way, I nearly miscarried.  She was born at 32 weeks, one week after the doctor had said, “She’s coming early…we just don’t how now early, so why don’t we give you these steroid shots to help develop her lungs.”  After she was born, she was put in “room 3” of the NICU at Harris Hospital Downtown in Fort Worth (WONDERFUL PLACE!); it’s my understanding that there are 4 rooms and the lower the number, the closer to discharge.  When she was 2 or 3 days old, I had some folks give her a blessing and she made such wonderful progress from that point on.  They had told us to expect her to be in the hospital at least until her due date.  She was able to leave at 22 days (just over 3 weeks), even though she did not weigh 4 lbs yet, because (as the staff put it) “she’s healthy and we just need the room!”

Leaving her in the hospital on the day I went home was the single hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.  And even the worst ice storm in recent Ft. Worth history on the day we took her home could not dampen the joy I felt having my whole family together once again.


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Well, it’s gotta be “Trinity” for me.  That’s my daughter’s name.  She’s named after a sister of my husband who was either stillborn or died in infancy.  That baby was named after the Trinity River in Texas.  Whatever works, right?  Well, my husband’s parents decided to let him pick his sister’s middle name.  He chose “Sunshine”.  So we decided to let our oldest child, age 6 then, pick his sister’s middle name.  First he wanted “Cherry”…and we tried to explain to him why “Cherry” might not be the best name for a girl, especially in those ‘coming of age’ years.  Secondly, he offered “White”…and that wasn’t quite right either.  He was stuck on his next choice for a L-O-N-G time…”Olive”.  It sounded way old-fashioned.  Finally we were able to agree on “Olivia”.

So, our little girl, who came 2 months early, as our 3rd child had the big, BIG name of  Trinity (for my husband’s sister) Anna (a traditional name in my mother’s paternal line) and Olivia (from her brother).

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